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Since it’s inception in 1985, CBN Global ( A division of China Business Network PLC) have been assisting foreign companies achieve their corporate objectives in China. With a client list that reads like a role call of the worlds most successful corporations, CBN Global have been instrumental in the successful execution of more than 180 major projects.! !

Doing business successfully in China is an art, not a science. It is subtle and nuanced and requires a deep understanding of it’s culture, institutions, attitudes and motivations. Much has been written about the difficulties in “doing business with China”, and most of it lays the blame for these difficulties on China, presumably because “they don’t do things our way”. The problems begin in the west at the strategic planning phase. Logic, is not universal, what makes sense in the west dose not necessarily make sense in China. This leads inevitably to unrealistic, unachievable goals based on false assumptions.! !

CBN Global’s staff have more than 30 years of experience covering multiple projects across many diverse industries. CBN Global can ensure project objectives are realistic and achievable. ! !

Excellence in planning is worthless without the necessary resources to execute the determined strategy. From conception to completion, CBN Global”s unrivalled experience in project management can ensure client success..